About Us

 Greetings and Welcome to Unmade Teez!       


I’m Jay, the Founder and Designer of Unmade Teez. I started Unmade Teez in 2017 with the desire to penetrate the fashion industry with African t-shirts that embrace a rich and creative culture. Since then, we’ve expanded beyond t-shirts to include African print tank tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, and much more.


We pride ourselves on quality African print clothing for men and women, that instills a sense of pride in our culture. Each item of clothing is handmade in our Unmade Lab in Orlando, FL. Our designs and patterns are unique, and ship to you with the utmost care, cleanliness, and responsibility.


Unmade Teez is more than a brand. As a black owned business, we participate in local community events on a monthly basis. We also mentor local youth on how to start their own business’.


Our mission is to modernize traditional African art by placing it on clothing. We encourage you to join our email list so you can always know when new products and exciting news drops.

Remember, “make the world adjust to you”.


Thank you for visiting, and welcome to the Unmade Teez Family!


"Art is the passion, apparel is the canvas."